Drops Language Learning v36.46 – Android English language learning application
The original and official version of the program for the first time in Iran

Drops Language Learning & Vocabulary App by Kahoot is an English and other language learning program from Language Drops for Android. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, English has the same accent as any other language; The language is spoken in two different dialects, one called British and the other American. If you listen to English videos or audio files, you will see that some of them pronounce the type of words differently that expresses the speaker’s accent. Due to this, everyone tries to learn English with their favorite accent according to their taste or interest. If you look at language learning apps, you will see that more than 90% of them do not support the American dialect. With this in mind, in this post we want to introduce you to a great startup in the field of learning American English. Drops Language Learning is a feature-rich application for learning American English for Android, developed by Language Drops and published in the large Google Play Market. The above program with its special educational system helps you to learn English easily and in just a few months. Unlike many similar programs, this software only takes up 5 minutes of your time each day and helps you to continue your learning even in the most difficult working conditions.

Some features and capabilities of Drops Language Learning Android application:

  • Learn American English thoroughly
  • 5-minute tutorials for learning in the most difficult situations
  • Swipe mode to answer questions
  • Several training modes and questions to record words in your mind
  • Record all your progress in the form of various information
  • Categorize all educational words in different groups
  • Beautiful and easy user interface

Drops Language Learning application, with the benefit of its special features and capabilities in the field of learning American English, has been able to receive a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads, which you can now download the latest original version from Usroid website. The paid content of the Drop Android app works under the server, and it is not possible to hack the app and release its unlocked version.


Drops Language Learning & Vocabulary App by Kahoot