EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads v6.1.14.8_Lite – Android file sharing and fast transfer application
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Users of Android smart devices store various files in the memory of their smartphones. Sometimes some of these files are public and we may want to send them to our friends. There are several different methods for sending and sharing files by the Android operating system, each of which has its own advantages. Many improvements have been made in this field since the first mobile phones were made, but one of the best of these improvements was the addition of Bluetooth to mobile phones. With Bluetooth you can share your files with other friends! But one of the issues we have to mention is the slow speed of data transfer via Bluetooth. Today, the use of Wi-Fi connections has replaced Bluetooth and helps us to send our favorite files to our friends quickly and safely. EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads is a fast file sharing and transfer application developed by Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd Developed and published on Google Play. This software is definitely a great solution for sharing your files with your friends. The sharing method that this program uses is based on Wi-Fi connections and has a very high and desirable speed. If we want to give you an overview of file transfer speed by the above startup, we can say that after connecting to the device, the person you want will be able to send or receive information at a speed of 40 MB per second; Which allows you to send multi-gigabyte files in just a few seconds. Another feature of EasyShare is support for a variety of file formats, and there will be no restrictions. It is better not to miss this unique software and join us to receive it.

Some features and capabilities of EasyShare app – Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads Android:

  • Quickly share your files with your friends at no cost
  • Very high 40 MB sharing speed
  • Share and receive files anytime, anywhere
  • Supports all Android smartphones
  • Supports various types of file formats without any restrictions
  • Super cross-platform system to support a variety of operating systems
  • There were no restrictions on the size of the files


EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads application has been published for free on Google Play by its developer, taking advantage of its various features and capabilities. Now you can download this software, which has achieved a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, from the large Usroidwebsite.


EasyShare – Ultrafast File Transfer, Free & No Ads