FairEmail – open source, privacy oriented email v1.2213 – Intelligent email management open source application for Android
The original full version of the program without advertisements with thousands of downloads from around the world

In the not-so-distant past, people all over the world used letters to communicate with acquaintances and various institutions. Paper letters, like everything else, have been influenced by technology and transformed into electronic form. This has led to large companies attracting users to their virtual space by providing facilities and creating an appropriate platform for users to move their electronic mails as completely as possible. Although these email providers provide desirable facilities in their management panels, they still have some flaws that have been greatly addressed in smart apps. FairEmail – open source, privacy-oriented email is the title of an open-source application for smart email management developed by Marcel Bokhorst and published on Google Play. As mentioned above, this software helps manage and intelligently monitor your emails in a standard and secure protocol with desirable features. One of the most important features of this program is its support for various popular service providers such as Google, Yahoo, Outlook, and so on, which is unique in its kind. Manage multiple emails simultaneously and respond to all received emails instantly! If you are one of the users who may not have internet access for several hours during the day, you can save your desired emails and manage them offline at any time. In addition, the development team has paid special attention to information security and has tried to keep you safe from any threatening emails with their unique algorithm!

Some features and capabilities of FairEmail – open source, privacy-oriented email app for Android:

  • An extraordinary open-source mode for making changes in features (especially for developers)
  • An intelligent management system based on information security and protection
  • Support for various and popular service providers
  • Ability to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously
  • Two-way synchronization of information
  • Possibility to save and use emails offline
  • Unified inbox
  • Protection of users against threatening and spam emails!
  • Very low battery usage

The FairEmail – open source, privacy-oriented email application has received a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users thanks to its special features based on data protection. You can now download the main version of this software without any annoying ads from the archive of the great website Usroid.