Skillful Finger v5.7.3 + Mod – Entertaining Android Finger Skill Game
Original Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money) Separately
Tested with Offline Run

Today, we are introducing an incredibly exciting and entertaining game called Skillful Finger, a product of YOYPO company. Let me ask you a question… What do you usually do to pass your leisure time? If your answer is trying out different mobile games and always trying to find the next addictive game, I suggest you warm up your fingers and get ready for another new game in the arcade genre! Skillful Finger is designed to fill your leisure time and be an unlimited source of entertainment for you. The attractive and enjoyable environment of this game frees your mind from your surroundings and calms you down. At first, this game seems very easy, just put your finger on the screen and take control of a pink ball. You can guide it in a path full of various obstacles by moving your finger left, right, up, and down. You have to be careful not to collide with these obstacles. Your path is completely clear and marked in white. Of course, the background colors change. Your score is determined by centimeters, and the more you continue the game and travel more paths, the more new obstacles become active and more difficult.


Skillful Finger


Furthermore, by increasing the speed of the game Skillful Finger, you will experience more challenges. In addition to overcoming obstacles, you must be careful not to collide with the edges of the path that is determined for you. The gameplay of this game may seem simple, but at the same time, it is very addictive. Skillful Finger has good graphics and allows you to continue playing this game for hours without getting tired. This game is very easy, just be precise and stay on the path that is determined for you. You can continue playing this game for hours because you do not need an internet connection. You can choose this game to entertain yourself while traveling or during your free time. Although this game is for one player, it is incredibly competitive because you are actually competing with yourself and trying to beat your own record. As we said, this game is very addictive and you will hardly be able to put it down. Skillful Finger has a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Google Play and has many fans. You can look at the game’s screenshots at the end of this post to become more familiar with it. This game has been tested by the Usroid team and is available to you for free. We recommend that you do not miss the opportunity and download this game from Usroid servers and install it on your device.