If you are a fan of the attractive and lovely interface of iOS 7 phones, today we have put a very beautiful and amazing theme called Full HD iOS7 Atom theme for you Android users, which you can install and apply on your smartphone. You can completely change the user interface of your phone and bring the iOS7 interface in a wonderful way! This theme with IOS backgrounds and full HD icons is one of the best and most popular themes of Google Play and despite being paid, it has been well received and a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 indicates It is popular with Android users.

Some features of Full HD iOS7 Atom theme Android:

* Google search availability, digital clock and settings

* Efficient widgets: memory cleaner, flash, clock, calendar, call and so on

* Having 2 styles of finger folder and basic shapes

* Quick access to 20 program application via the Dock Bar

* Having between 3 to 24 special and very beautiful images to display when turning the phone on and off

* Ability to customize icons by combining and matching the image gallery

* Having 21st century animated and beautiful backgrounds

* Ability to hide application icons to make your smartphone home screen more beautiful

* Ability to make a backup of the settings and restore it if deleted or lost

* Having extremely beautiful wallpapers with the possibility of selection by the user

* Ability to have multiple wallpapers to put multiple wallpapers for the home screen

* Having extensive settings to change and customize the colors of different sections

Very beautiful and professional Full HD iOS7 Atom theme is currently sold in the Android Market at a price of $ 0.99 , which we have put the latest version of it for you in Usroid today , and we hope it will be welcomed by you…


Download Full HD iOS7 Atom theme - HD iOS 7 theme for Android




Download [Full HD] iOS7 Atom theme Android Apk - NEW



Download [Full HD] iOS7 Atom theme Android Apk - NEW



Download [Full HD] iOS7 Atom theme Android Apk - NEW



Download [Full HD] iOS7 Atom theme Android Apk - NEW