Instant: Polaroid Instant Cam v1.0.22 – Android Polaroid Camera App
Purchased for $ 1.99

Maybe you are familiar with old snapshots or even had some of them in the past! These cameras, which were once considered one of the most advanced technologies of the day, take pictures and deliver them to you quickly! In a way, the photos taken by them can be considered as the most classic works of history. Today we are going to provide you with a Polaroid iOS app in the form of an Android version. Instant: Polaroid Instant Cam is a Polaroid camera for taking snapshots by ThinkTime Creations for Android smart devices.It’s been published. With this camera, you can quickly capture images or select a photo from your smart device gallery, then add a Polaroid filter and border, and by placing your favorite types of text, create a classic image in Save memory! Everything is realistic and not all existing simulations are the slightest change from old Polaroid cameras. If you are also interested in old cameras, then read on.

Some features and capabilities of Instant: Polaroid Instant Cam Android app:

  • Creative and fun interface
  • Induce a real sense of photography with Polaroid cameras
  • More than 30 different effects with ten unique designs for Polaroid effects
  • Ability to adjust the effect of effects on recorded images
  • 10 handwritten fonts to add to images
  • 26 different types of colored borders to see different
  • Easy sharing of registered works on social networks

Application Instant: Polaroid Instant Cam has managed to be one of the most popular cameras in the operating system IOS is now set in the Android world with a $ 1.99 Self- rated 4.2 out of 5.0 by users, Google received that can now New Get the most purchased version of it from the popular Usroid site.

Changes in version v1.0.22:

* Fixed image storage problem.