iSlash Heroes v1.7.7 + Mod – Exciting and wonderful ninja cutting game for Android + regular version trailer
+ separate mod version

iSlash Heroes is a new and extremely beautiful game in the style of arcade games, designed like the famous game Freon Ninja from Duello Games Studio for AndroidIt was released for free in the Google market hours ago, and as always, we decided to introduce it for the first time in Iran, along with the mod version of your presence for fans of unique Android games! At each stage of the game, a wooden or stone board is placed in front of you in which several shurikens are spinning fast! Your task at each step is to cut the board so that the green bar at the top of the screen reaches the red ribbon! This ribbon is actually a sign of the limitation of the Golan Heights region; This means that with each cut you make on the board, the place for the shurikens to roll becomes less and less, and you have to keep doing this until you throw them all in a corner of the board without hitting them! In the early stages, you do not have to work hard, the speed of the shurikens is not high and the boards are so big that if you shake half of them, it will still not have much effect on the speed of the shuriken! But the game consists of 260 stages, and it is almost from stage 30 onwards that you gradually try to trap the shuriken. In the above steps, parts of the board may become uncut, or moving obstacles may come on it!


Download iSlash Heroes - wonderful game "Cutting Ninja" Android + mod


In iSlash Heroes, the rotation speed of the shurikens also increases exponentially, and the work reaches a point where patience and strategy are no longer important, you just have to close your eyes and sword by chance! So the ultimate winner of iSlash Heroes is the one who hits both calculated hits and has high speed! If you want to test your fencing skills, iSlash Heroes can be a very fun and engaging game in your eyes. You can download this challenging intellectual title for free from Usroid high-speed servers for your Android device. You can first see the pictures and trailers of the gameplay of the wonderful game and if you wish, download it with one click and entertain yourself for hours.

Changes in version v1.7.7:

* Various optimizations + fixes for game problems + Added 15 new levels.