Amphetamine – Icon Pack v4.1.0 – A high-energy icon pack with vibrant Material colors    
Purchased version of the app for $0.99  

Smartphones have many features that have made our lives much easier than before. These devices have made our communication with each other as easy as touching a button and have provided us with many capabilities to make our tasks easier. The interesting and attractive features of smartphones make us unlock them many times during the day and use their various features. Due to this excessive use, it is natural that the phone’s user interface becomes tiresome for us and we look for a change. Android developers have noticed this need. That’s why they have designed their operating system in a way that different parts of it can be easily changed and edited. They have not included all customization features in the operating system itself. Instead, they have provided the necessary tools to create personalization tools, which has led to the production of various Android personalization tools and applications by programmers from all over the world. One of the most popular personalization tools are launchers. Launchers are programs that can completely change the home screen and Android app menu. You can also change graphic elements such as icons. Of course, you need an icon pack for this. Icon packs are programs that include a number of alternative icons for Android games and apps, which are used with launchers and can change the icons of all installed apps and games on the phone. So far, we have provided many icon packs for you on Usroid, and today we are also here with another beautiful icon pack. Amphetamine – Icon Pack is a colorful, vibrant, and energetic icon pack with material colors, designed for the Android operating system, developed by Ayush and published on Google Play for $0.99. This collection includes more than 1300 icons, most of which are popular Android apps and games. Of course, the icon pack is regularly updated and more icons are added to it. To create more harmony in the user interface, more than 45 beautiful wallpapers have also been included in the program, which you can use.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Amphetamine – Icon Pack Android app:

  • Featuring over 1300 icons with beautiful Material colors
  • Includes alternative icons for most apps
  • Comes with over 45 beautiful background images
  • Possibility to request icons
  • Automatic application of icons on the launcher
  • Supports most popular Android launchers

The Amphetamine – Icon Pack application is capable of completely transforming the appearance of your phone’s user interface. This app has received a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating from Android users. You can now download the paid and purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Amphetamine - Icon Pack