AngleCam Pro – Camera with pitch & azimuth angles v5.6Camera with Geotagging
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In recent years, the cameras of smartphones have seen extensive advancements, and their quality has increased significantly. In addition, new phones are equipped with multiple sensors for the camera, which significantly enhances the depth, color, and contrast of the captured images and brings the recorded images closer to professional cameras. This increase in camera quality has led many people to forego buying professional cameras and instead use their smartphones for photography and filming. The existence of image platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and … encourages users to capture and share more images with others. Typically, users who travel frequently share their travel images with their audience on such platforms. In such cases, their audience usually requests the location where the image was taken, but due to the fact that most images are taken in nature and outside urban areas, it is impossible to provide the exact location address. However, using precise information such as latitude and longitude, these locations can be easily found on a map with GPS and visited. Some professional photographers use photo editing software to add such information to their images. Today, we have a program that automatically records geographic information on images and quickly prepares them for sharing on social networks. AngleCam Pro – Camera with pitch & azimuth angles is the title of an application for photography and automatic recording of scientific and geographic information on images, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Derekr Corp. software group and published for $8.49 on Google Play. This program is a scientific camera that automatically records GPS-received information such as latitude and longitude, altitude, accuracy, earth angle, and azimuth angle in the corner of the image, allowing users to easily find the exact location where the photo was taken. If your phone does not have an accelerometer or magnetometer sensor, you cannot install this program, and it is better to use a similar program called NoteCam.

Some features and capabilities of the AngleCam Pro – Camera with pitch & azimuth angles Android app:

  • Register geographic information such as longitude and latitude, altitude, accuracy, earth angle, and azimuth angle on images
  • Ability to register images with the best quality
  • Possibility to add messages and notes to images

The AngleCam Pro – Camera with pitch & azimuth angles application has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Android users. The free version of this app has many limitations, so we have provided the paid version to you on Usroid. You can now get the purchased and complete version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


AngleCam Pro