Butt workout – 4 week program v4.7.0 [Unlocked] – Android Muscle Exercises App
Unlocked and complete version of the program worth $49.99

As you know, women’s exercise type and system have many differences with men’s, and the beauty standards for their bodies are completely different. If you pay attention, women’s sports training programs have different movements to shape their thigh and buttock muscles, as these two factors are considered beauty standards for women. Many people do not know how to perform exercises or are unaware of various exercises. In this post, we aim to eliminate any ambiguity and low awareness in this area. Butt workout – 4 week program is the title of a popular app for Android developed by Passion4Profession Apps to access a collection of exercises to shape the buttock muscles. The app, with a 3D virtual coach, helps you change the shape of your buttock muscles in a very short time and in the best possible way! Just touch the screen once and follow your eight-minute workout every day for four weeks to achieve desirable results. All exercises in this startup have been collected by professional experts and trainers who testify to the high impact of movements on buttock muscles.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Butt workout – 4 week program Android app:

  • Special and diverse exercises for quick shaping of buttock muscles
  • Very short duration of exercise set to save time
  • Completely principled exercises collected by professional coaches and experts
  • Possibility of personalizing exercises and their duration
  • Accurate video tutorials of available exercises
  • Achieving results in just four weeks of exercises

The Butt workout – 4 week program app has received a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users by having its own special set of exercises to strengthen the buttock muscles and paying $49.99 within the network. You can now get the latest unlocked version from the Usroid website. This program has been introduced at your request.


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