Causality v1.4.2 – A different and attractive puzzle game “Time Change” for Android + Trailer
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Causality – Time Manipulation is an interesting and different game from the Loju studio, the creator of the popular puzzle game Ordia. It has a fascinating and innovative idea in the puzzle and intellectual genre. To experience and download this game, you need to spend $1.99 to download it from Google Play, but it is not necessary because you can download the full purchased version of Causality for free from Usroid at the end of this article. This game has a unique and interesting perspective on puzzle and intellectual games, in which you have to solve puzzles and riddles by manipulating time and reversing it. By doing this, you can change the course of events in the game and create a new path each time you change the time! In the game Causality, you have to help some astronauts who are stranded in this place find their way to the end point in each stage where their safety is ensured in the alien world. To do this, you need to travel through time and identify things that threaten these astronauts and determine your movements and choices by reversing time so that the game characters do not face these threats. The threats we are talking about are things like falling into space pits (going out of the movement path), colliding with deadly obstacles like enemies and aliens, or being abducted by eight-legged monsters! In each stage, you face difficult moments, and it is up to you to prevent astronauts from being endangered by making the right choices and timing.




The design style of the game Causality is very simple yet interesting and remarkable. The game levels take place on a suspended platform with several square boxes embedded on it. The astronauts enter the screen from a part of this platform and start running. In some of the intersecting paths that the astronauts are approaching, it is possible to change the direction of movement to the 4 main directions. You have to quickly change these boxes’ direction so that the astronauts’ path of movement also changes. However, the threats that are in your way make the job very difficult, so you have to use the ability to travel in time in special situations and go back a few seconds to catch up with these threats. Your job is to guide each astronaut towards the exit point through this path. The stage ends when all astronauts are safely guided to the exit point. But there is another challenge in Causality! Each astronaut has a special colored suit. The exit point for each of them is determined by a similar color, and you have to take each astronaut towards a point that matches the color of their suit! Can you withstand the challenges of this game, which includes 60 stages? If your answer is positive, you can download the latest update of this game, tested and purchased from Usroid, right now. Causality is recognized as one of the most different puzzle games of recent years with over 50,000 downloads and an rating of 4.4 out of 5.0.