Eureka v2.1 + Mod – A lovable puzzle and brain game for Android
Original version + Mod version (advertisement unlock) separately
Tested with offline running

Eureka – یوریکا is the title of a puzzle and brain game that has been released for Android devices by game development studio. Without a doubt, the mentioned game development studio is one of the top game development studios and almost all of its works have been able to capture the attention of players. Puzzle and brain games are among the games that always have their own special fans. Eureka is another successful and popular game of this genre that has been able to bring an exciting gameplay experience to enthusiasts by offering challenging and entertaining stages. In this game, your mind is challenged by countless and diverse levels because this game is full of mini-games, each of which attacks a specific part of your grey matter! Mathematical puzzles, geometric puzzles, color puzzles, and many other puzzles have been designed in this game to create a full-fledged challenge. As usual, the difficulty level of the game is linear. This means that with each stage and passing of a mini-game, the challenges will become more difficult.




Fortunately, in Eureka, you will experience and complete puzzles that are different from what you have experienced so far. This is because the game development studio has focused heavily on puzzle and intellectual games, and this game is no exception. There are more than 50 levels in this game, each with its own unique features, making sure that you always enjoy them and no level is ordinary or boring. Your thinking and reasoning skills are the main factors for passing each level, but if you can’t pass a level, you can use the hint button to get on the right track and pass that level. Technically, the game is also well-made and can be considered good. The game’s visual space is very beautiful and eye-catching, using a minimalist style with soft color combinations in its artistic design. The game’s soundtrack is simple but pleasant, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The controls are simple, and all game functions can be easily performed by sliding, swiping, and tapping on your device’s screen. Eureka has been able to earn an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and the team at Usroid intends to provide this game to you, our dear users, as a fully tested and completely free game. You can download this game from our servers right now and enjoy playing it!

Version 2.1 Changes:

* Fixing game issues and various optimizations