Are you a fan of shooting games? Do you want to bring the most graphic and exciting action and shooting game to your smartphone or tablet Android? Are you tired of searching for a high-quality HD action game without success? Today, we have the pleasure of introducing one of the most beautiful and graphic shooting games, Rainbow Six HD FULL, produced by the famous gaming company, Gameloft. In this game, you command a team of three new members, sent on eleven missions to rid the world of terrorists! You have access to various powerful guns and must work together in teams of three to clear different areas of terrorists and bring the best shooting game experience to your Android phone.

The stunning HD graphics of the game, the thrilling and completely realistic sound quality, the battles in truly amazing and realistic locations and regions, the developer’s craftsmanship and all the game tools have come together to bring you the most exciting action-shooter experience on your Android mobile!

Some features of Rainbow Six HD FULL game for Android:

* Including amazing stages such as hostage-taking, oil rig attack, infiltration into the camp, and so on.

* Being a unique group of three people with unique abilities for destruction and other tasks

* The possibility of playing with friends via Wi-Fi connection for the best experience of the action game.

* Possibility of playing in multiplayer mode (up to 10 people) on 5 unique maps

* The availability of modern and advanced tools such as thermal cameras, noise suppressors, and advanced weapons

* Fighting and battling against enemies and accomplishing various challenging missions in real locations.

* Having stunning HD graphics, professional and exciting sound design + addictive gameplay

We have today made the Rainbow Six HD FULL game available on Usroid upon the request of dear users. This is one of the most beautiful games published by Gameloft in the genre of shooting games, and you can download it completely for free with a direct link!

Please note that: Unfortunately, for reasons that we are unaware of, this game has been removed from the Play Store and will no longer be updated. It’s a shame that we can’t offer it to fans of action and shooter games!

Please note that: This game has a separate data and installation file for each processor, which has been released for Adreno, PowerVR, and Tegra processors, and unfortunately its paid version is not available!


Download Rainbow Six HD FULL - Battle game with terrorists Android Gameloft + Data!


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– First, download one of the following compressed files that corresponds to your Android smartphone or tablet processor:

Download data and installation file for PowerVR processor with a size of 367 megabytes

Download Adreno Processor-specific Data and Installation File with a Size of 391 Megabytes

Download Tegra Processor Data and Installation File with 400 MB Size

– Extract it from the compressed state with the password Copy the GloftR6HP folder to the SD:GameloftGames path. (SD refers to the main memory)


Download Rainbow Six HD FULL Android Apk + Data - FREE



Download Rainbow Six HD FULL Android Apk + Data - FREE