[SaveMyTime – Time Tracker Full v3.5.3 [Premium] – Android Time-Saving App
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On average, smartphone users check their phones once every eight minutes, which amounts to over 120 device checks per day. Many individuals manually track their time to combat their addiction to social media and mobile phones, attempting to spend less time on their Android devices. However, many of them fail and return to spending time on social networks. Usroid has introduced various reliable applications to prevent excessive device usage, many of which are mandatory. In this post, we introduce a different program from other software: SaveMyTime – Time Tracker Full Unlocked, a smart application for saving your time published by the Save My Time team for the Android operating system. SaveMyTime utilizes a unique technology to prevent excessive mobile usage, which can be a suitable alternative to screen lock applications. The SaveMyTime – Time Tracker Full works by asking about your activity every few minutes [which you can change at your discretion] and reminding you of your important tasks. Add your necessary activities and select a desired icon for each one to avoid any conflicts between daily activities. A comprehensive report of all your activities is provided at the end of each task.


SaveMyTime - Time Tracker Full


The SaveMyTime – Time Tracker application, with the support of a creative system to encourage users to prioritize important daily activities, has received a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users by paying $19.99 in-network. As always, you can download the latest premium and unlimited version with access to all features from the Usroid website.