Exciting Sidekick Cyclev 1.1.6 Cycling Game for Android (Regular Version + Modified Version with Infinite Coins) – Introduction to the Game Only on Usroid

Sidekick Cycle is a new and beautiful game with very low volume and excellent graphics from Global Gaming Initiative game studio, designed for the Android operating system. It is available for free on Google Play for all Android users. In this game, you have to guide different bicycles and collect all the coins on the way by performing various movements and using your special skills, and pass all the obstacles to complete each level. You will ride your bike in various locations and collect coins to unlock and buy faster and more beautiful bicycles, and entertain yourself for hours. There are also various achievements in Sidekick Cycle that you can use to increase your speed and double the excitement. If you are looking for a low-volume and exciting game for your Android device, we recommend trying this game.

Some features of the Sidekick Cycle Android bike riding game:

* Having various animals with great abilities to help you reach the finish line

* Possibility to customize your bike with various gear wheels and different items

* Support for Facebook and Google Play services to compete with friends

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* Having excellent graphics and quality in proportion to its very small size + exciting sound

The game Sidekick Cycle now has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 on the Android market, and today we at Usroid are introducing it to you as the first Iranian website, and you can download it with just one click.


Download Sidekick Cycle - a small cycling game for Android!



Download Sidekick Cycle Android Apk - New Free Google Play + Mod