Speccy Spectrum Analyzer v1.6.0 – Android Sound Spectrum Analysis Application
Purchased version for the first time in Iran for $0.99

At this very moment that we are living, various spectrums in different frequencies surround us, which, just like sounds, our body perceives and analyzes some of them. However, among the sounds, there are also ultrasonic or infrasonic waves that even humans cannot hear, but some animals are capable of perceiving them. These sound waves outside the range of human perception can be useful in many cases and can even easily save the lives of thousands of humans. Due to their high prices, so far, various devices have been made and entered the market, which not everyone can afford to buy and use them! But there is no need to worry; we intend to introduce you to one of the best available applications in this field, as always, as the first Persian Android website. Speccy Spectrum Analyzer is the title of a special application for analyzing sound spectrums that has been developed for Android by spikything.com and published on the large Google Play market. Everything is measured by your smartphone’s microphone, in a way that you can even see the frequency levels that you cannot perceive on the screen and analyze their charts professionally. This intelligent tool is used for important activities, among which workplace safety and hearing health are one of the best possible options. Don’t overlook the necessary features for adjusting car audio systems and experience a new level of precision in adjusting any type of audio system.


Speccy Spectrum Analyzer


The Speccy Spectrum Analyzer application is one of the most unique tools available for analyzing audio spectra. It has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from Google Play users for its price of $0.99. You can now purchase the latest professional version from the vast database of Usroid website and test the quality of different microphone devices of Android with each other!