Lua Cast: Online Video Popup v1.3.2 – An application for watching online videos as a pop-up Android
Professional and complete version of the program with access to all features

If you remember, not so long ago, picture-on-picture capability on TVs was one of the strangest advances and technologies, and most TV companies used this feature as their competitive advantage, and with water And they were very active in promoting it. Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to watch another TV channel at the same time as a small picture in the corner of the TV while watching a TV channel. Lua Cast: Online Video Popup PRO Title is an application that you can use to add image-to-image capability to your Android devices. This application was developed by Lua Interactive software group for Android devices and published on Google Play. Using the Lua Cast application, you can have online videos from big and famous sites such as youtube and viemo as a pop-up, while doing other things on your screen. With this program, you no longer need to stop watching videos to do other things. This app has the ability to float on all Android apps and you can use it to chat, send ‌ email, surf the web and همزمان at the same time. Pay and watch your favorite online video along with it. You no longer have to stop watching the video when you receive the notification, do whatever you want and watch your video along with it.

Some features and capabilities of Lua Cast: Online Video Popup Android app :

  • Full support for all major video sites such as YouTube, Vimo and Daily Motion
  • Ability to resize the floating window and move it to any shape
  • Ability to float on games and messaging applications
  • Ability to search for videos on supported sites
  • Ability to make a playlist of favorite videos, without the need to have an account on the desired sites
  • Ability to change the theme and complete personalization of the program according to your taste
  • Ability to set the program to repeat video playback
  • Ability to take photos from online videos
  • Ability to adjust brightness and volume using gestures
  • Ability to adjust the video playback quality

Application Lua Cast: Online Video Popup  program is very useful for online video fans. If you frequently watch online videos, you must have this application installed on your Android device. The Lua Cast app has attracted a lot of users’ attention, and in the short time that has passed since its release, it has been able to receive an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5.0  from Google Play users. Now you can download the professional version of this application from Usroid for free by accessing all the features .

Changes in version V1.3.2:

* Various optimizations and program troubleshooting


Lua Cast Online Video Popup PRO