Opera Crypto Browser is a Web3 internet browser and provides a unique web surfing experience to its users; This program is the first dedicated browser of the blockchain and crypto world, which is designed on Web3 as the central core. This program has a multi-chain strategy that aims to include as many partners as possible; A strategy that differentiates this browser for users. Polygon, Solana, Nervos, Celo, Unstoppable Domains, Handshake and ENS are among the partners of this browser. This strategy is constantly increasing the number of Opera Crypto Browser partners and seeks to reflect the spirit of the Web3 community by creating a collaborative environment. The Crypto Corner section of the application is a space for sharing all news related to crypto. In this section, you will have access to the latest blockchain news, industry events calendar, crypto forums, educational content and many other materials with one click.


Opera Crypto Browser


Apart from its browser, the Opera Crypto Browser program also has other attractive features; These features include cryptocurrency mining protection and ad and cookie blocking. These features, along with the Web3 core, will make working with this program very attractive and enjoyable for enthusiasts. When you open this program for the first time, the browser is immediately ready to search for relevant content on the web. The ad blocker designed for this program can block existing ads in sync with the action browser and make it easier for you. By blocking ads, this blocker makes web pages read faster and thus increases the performance of the application compared to other mobile applications. Usroid as the most up-to-date Android reference in Iran, it has released the latest update of the Opera Crypto Browser program in the form of an original/safe package for download, which you can download from the site’s high-speed servers with one click.