Perfect Me – Body Retouch & Face Editor & Selfie Tune v6.9.9 – Specialized face and body image editor application for Android!
Unlocked and full version of the program worth $ 9.99 for the first time on Persian language websites

Smartphone users share various images on social networks every day under different pretexts. A wide range of these images are taken by selfies; Photos that can be easily identified by looking at them and details! In addition, many athletes try to share the joy of training with their friends by sharing an image after each training session to share the results of their workouts. But sometimes for some reason the photo taken has flaws, or we are not in the right style to get our photo recorded properly. For this reason, by having access to a set of special tools, the problem of all photos can be eliminated. Perfect Me – Body Retouch & Face Editor & Selfie TuneTitle is a specialized face and body image editing application developed by ryzenrise and published on Google Play. This software helps you to fix any defects in this field by providing users access to a set of selfie image editing tools. Just call them before sharing them and retouch them by touching an option. From the available options, we can mention options for changing the color of facial skin, removing pimples, whitening teeth, and so on. As mentioned in the title of the post, there are several different options for editing images taken from your body. With this tool, you will be able to make some organs of the body, such as breasts, arms, etc., appear larger and more voluminous, or to make your height appear taller by pulling your legs. In addition, with several different transparent stickers, you can give six-piece bellies to your photos as a gift! Do not forget to use various filters to beautify your images as much as possible, and if you take images in inappropriate scenes, easily change the background of the photo.

Some features and capabilities of Perfect Me – Body Retouch & Face Editor & Selfie Tune Android:

  • Professional selfie editor to eliminate any problems!
  • A tool to retouch facial images and remove any blemishes and pimples
  • Option to adjust the color of the skin of the face or body after retouching
  • Having white teeth and big eyes with just one gesture
  • A set of tools for lifting facial limbs
  • Several unique options for editing your body images
  • Having large breasts or arms with just a simple touch
  • Special stickers to have a six-piece belly that matches your skin color
  • Access to a set of different filters
  • Remove background images or unwanted objects in photos
  • Cut images to the appropriate dimensions of social networks

The Perfect Me – Body Retouch & Face Editor & Selfie Tune app has been released for free by its developer for $ 9.99 with a variety of images and features, and was able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Now you can download the latest unlocked version from the fast and powerful servers of Usroid website.


Perfect Me - Body Retouch&Face Editor&Selfie Tune