Persona: Beauty Camera v1.6.54 – Android Selfie and Beauty Camera App
Premium and complete version of the app offered to you, dear ones

Persona: Beauty Camera is the title of a selfie and beauty camera developed by TICKET TO THE MOON, INC and published on Google Play. If you were asked to name a few hardware components of Android smartphones, undoubtedly, the camera would be among the first options mentioned. The main reason for this choice is our extensive use of this hardware. We should say that one of our main criteria for buying smartphones is the cameras. Although having a powerful shutter has an extraordinary effect on the quality of your images, the importance of software that helps you with photography and filming is noteworthy. Having a smart and feature-rich app helps you make the most of your hardware capabilities and balance the various camera module components. Camera apps are also divided into several categories. One of these categories is beauty cameras. These cameras help you capture flawless selfies. Among the best and newest beauty cameras, Persona: Beauty Camera can be mentioned. This camera allows you to make significant changes in your daily selfies and capture unparalleled photos without any flaws.

Realistic Filters Experience in Persona: Beauty Camera

One of the most important features of Persona: Beauty Camera software is the set of filters available in its database. These filters, which can be categorized as realistic filters, affect your images in a way that it seems no editing has been done on them. Another aspect that makes using these filters more attractive is that they are applied to the images in real-time. This means that any changes are made instantly and there is no need for long-term editing and wasting time.

Fun and Entertaining Masks

Not only are realistic filters among the most popular features of Persona, but there are also other options and features available, such as fun and entertaining masks. With these masks, users can create hilarious changes in their selfies. For example, you can see yourself as an elderly person or turn your photos into cartoon images. In addition to the two masks mentioned in the examples, there are also several other masks available.

Automatic and Fully Automated Retouching

One of the other features that beauty cameras or image editing apps provide to Android users is the ability to retouch images. Retouching images in selfies is much more important. We have seen many times that in many similar tools, these retouches are so unprofessional that they can be easily detected. Nevertheless, Persona: Beauty Camera helps you to take full advantage of a fully automated and professional retouching system. As we mentioned, the retouching of photos by Persona is completely professional and no flaws can be seen in it.

Some features and capabilities of Persona: Beauty Camera Android app:

  • Superb selfie camera for capturing images with maximum quality
  • Automatic retouching system to eliminate any flaws
  • Support for both front and rear cameras
  • Extraordinary and realistic filters for capturing beautiful photos
  • Several fun and funny masks
  • Determining the level of retouching and selected filters
  • Internal timer for capturing photos at a specific time
  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface

The Persona: Beauty Camera app, with a variety of features and capabilities for capturing incredibly beautiful selfies, has been released by its developer for free with in-app purchases of $5.99. It has received 4.3 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. You can now download the latest flawless premium version of this selfie camera from the Usroid website.


Persona Beauty Camera