Private DIARY is a useful and interesting application for the Android operating system. With it, you can record every moment of your life and your feelings in a beautiful and professional environment on your smartphone! With this application, you can easily categorize and record memories, secrets, and interests from different stages of your life and enjoy reading them later!

This program provides you with all the features you expect from a notebook application, and its capabilities include:

* The possibility of placing a password on the program to prevent others from accessing personal privacy

(Note: The original text appears to be in Persian/Farsi and has been translated to English.)

* The possibility of taking a backup version of notes and restoring them in case of deletion

(Note: No errors were found in the original text, so no corrections were made.)

* Possibility to add notes in categories defined by yourself

* Writing text with features such as various emoticons and different fonts

* Automatic backup of memories when exiting the application

* The possibility of sending memories via email, SMS, or sharing on social networks

The useful application Private DIARY is now available for sale on the Android market for $1.99, and today we are offering the latest version of it for free on Usroid. We hope that it will be appreciated by our dear users.

* Fixed some issues and improved performance


Download Private DIARY - Android diary app


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Download Private DIARY Android App



Download Private DIARY Android App



Download Private DIARY Android App



Download Private DIARY Android App