Pure Tuber – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced v3.7.4.002 – YouTube video streaming application without ads on Android
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Pure Tuber – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced is an application for playing YouTube videos without ads, which was developed by Pure Tuber Studio and published on Google Play. YouTube is the first and most popular medium for accessing online videos in any field. Everything you need can be found in this medium and you will have access to it without any restrictions. Like any other website, YouTube uses its platform to make money! Although the company donates a portion of its revenue to content producers, a large portion of it goes to the company. If you have noticed, one of the ways to earn YouTube money is video advertising. Like TV channels, when you want to watch a clip, an ad is displayed, and if the video you want is long, the number will increase over time. Sometimes these ads are very annoying and when you have deleted the clip you want, they distract you with a sudden show. That’s why in this post we are going to introduce a great solution for YouTube enthusiasts! A way to help stream videos of this great medium for hours without any restrictions or promotions. Pure Tuber – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced is the best and top startup app that has a dedicated algorithm to remove annoying ads displayed during clips and helps you focus all your attention on the video being played. Unlike many similar tools available in the Android Market, in addition to this unique feature, you will also have access to other features that we will discuss below.

YouTube clip without ads with the help of Pure Tuber program – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced

As we mentioned in the above description, the main feature of Pure Tuber software – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced, is that it does not display ads when playing YouTube videos. The algorithm used in this program is so powerful that more than 99.98% of the clips are executed without any errors and you will not encounter ads during the section. Another point that is very interesting is the removal of pop-up ads. These types of ads, which are more annoying than video ads, are easily removed and you will never see them running suddenly.

Play videos in the background

It has happened to all of us many times that when watching a video or a short clip, our friends have sent different messages via WhatsApp or Telegram. If we want to reply to these messages, naturally the video is stopped playing and after sending the reply, we have to call the dedicated clip player app again! But one of the most important and popular features of Pure Tuber – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced is the playback of streaming videos in the background. With this feature, there is no need to stop your favorite movie, and in addition to watching videos in the background, you can work with other apps.

Choose the video quality to your liking

The internet we use to communicate on a daily basis has a variable speed. Sometimes bandwidth is free and you can download the largest files in just a few minutes; But on some days, this bandwidth is reduced to a minimum and the speed drops significantly. That’s why we need to be able to choose a quality that is relevant to our internet speed when playing online videos. This is exactly what the developers of Pure Tuber – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced have paid special attention to and offered a quality determination option. With this feature, you can easily select the quality of the videos being played and play them in full HD mode.

Some features and capabilities of Pure Tuber app – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced Android:

  • Play YouTube videos and other media without any ads
  • Artificial intelligence to quickly reject ads without the slightest delay
  • Floating playback system for viewing videos while running other applications
  • Option to adjust the resolution of the videos being played
  • Mark your favorite clips for quick access
  • Support for auto-playlist creation

Pure Tuber – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced application with the benefit of various features and capabilities by its developer has been released for free with in-network payment of $10.99 and has received a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Dear ones, you can now download the latest VIP version of this unique startup without any restrictions on accessing the facilities from Usroid website.


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