Recording Studio Pro v2.1.0 – Android sound recording and mixing studio application,
purchased version for $ 3.99, presented to you dear ones,
introduced for the first time in Iran

As you know, recording music requires a unique set of professional mixing and recording tools, many of which are not available to the public and can only be used by certain people. But Android developers have so far tried to overcome these limitations by introducing applications and tried to create a comprehensive environment for music lovers. Recording Studio Pro Paid is a professional recording and recording studio developed by Glauco for Android operating system.It’s been published. The set of features included in this software helps music lovers to record their voice professionally and publish their personal songs! Make the most of the existing multi-touch system and add a variety of virtual sounds to the mix to amaze your friends by playing a professional song. 96 different keys and 8 active octaves expand the scope of users’ activities and simulate a completely professional environment for all of them! If you are looking for a great music studio, do not miss Recording Studio Pro Android!

Some features and capabilities of Recording Studio Pro Android app:

  • Over 24 songs and virtual tracks
  • Access to more than 9 virtual sounds (piano, drums, classical guitar, electric guitar, harpsichord, etc.)
  • Professional mix of available sounds and songs
  • Professional audio editing with access to a unique tool
  • Call mp3 and wav formats from your device
  • Not needing any Internet access for mixing songs are
  • Stereo VU for each channel
  • Access to over 96 different keys and 8 octaves
  • Support for a multi-touch screen
  • Keyboard scale customization
  • Adjustable metronome

Recording Studio Pro application has been released as one of the most complete recording studios by its developer for $ 3.99. By accessing the huge Usroid database, you can download the latest version purchased for the first time in Iran. ; The installation file along with the database is provided separately for installation and execution.

Changes in version v2.1.0:

* Fixed application problems.