Runtastic Road Bike PRO v3.6.2 – Road biking application for Android, purchased version for
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Cycling as one of the most popular sports has a lot of enthusiasts, which is composed of different sports. One of the best and most popular sports in this sport is road cycling. Due to these many fans, we intend to introduce a special startup to you dear ones in this post. Runtastic Road Bike PRO is a cycling appRoad for Android, published by the developer with the familiar name Runtastic in the Google Play Market. Join the millions of cycling enthusiasts and get double the motivation to compete. One of the most important tools that the developer provides to its users is a dedicated GPS related to this field, so that at any time you can see your route on the map and parameters such as distance traveled. Adjust the speed and. To your liking. An existing voice instructor will also help you increase your productivity and experience an ultra-smart navigation system. This application has many features and capabilities that we will pay attention to in the following due to various limitations, so stay tuned.

Some features and capabilities of Runtastic Road Bike PRO Android application:

  • Track all your cycling activities on the road
  • Access online maps to track routes
  • Display various parameters such as distance traveled, speed, calories consumed and…
  • Search for specific road cycling routes
  • Audio instructor to manage you at all stages
  • Ability to save maps and use completely offline
  • Display instantaneous speed at any time
  • Heart rate measurement (when using the required gadgets)
  • Automatic pause to record information when stopped
  • Create playlists of your favorite music
  • Detailed analysis after the end of the sports tour
  • Keep track of your friends live

Application Runtastic Road Bike PRO supports the feature set and functionality specific to road cycling is managed by 4.99 dollar Score 4.3 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version bought it Download from Farsrood reputable website ; Our version provides all the features for free.

Changes in version v3.6.2:

* Program fixes + new features


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