SimSimi v8.7.3 – Popular and Entertaining Android Talking Robot App
Original version of the app

SimSimi – سیم سیمی is an incredibly advanced and interesting robot for Android that allows you to chat and have fun moments on your smartphone. SimSimi Inc studio has offered this app with 100% free and interesting features on Google Play, and so far it has been downloaded by millions of Android users worldwide and is considered one of the most popular entertainment games. With this app, you can chat with the robot and it will answer your questions. This robot has a very high level of artificial intelligence and offers interesting answers to you. It is also worth mentioning that you can teach new words to this robot! Yes, you can teach new words to the robot and then record your desired answers for it. If you are looking for a special entertainment to spend your time, SimSimi with its friendly environment and extraordinary features is made for you, and our suggestion is to try it!

Some features and capabilities of the SimSimi Android application:

  • Meeting friends through SimSimi
  • Chatting with friends by clicking on their picture
  • Displaying alerts for receiving messages from friends
  • Simple and practical user interface

The SimSimi application has the ability to pronounce and play words in audio format and is made completely advanced. You can get the latest version of the SimSimi app for free by visiting the continuation of the article on Usroid. Just keep in mind that the SimSimi app uses a powerful database to display responses and naturally requires internet access to obtain this information.