Solo Scientific Calculator The best scientific calculator software with the latest features in Google Play has been introduced for the Android operating system , which can fascinate any user with its extremely beautiful and classic user interface. The software, which is the world’s first large calculator with support for matrix operations, currently has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Android Market , and the solo tools programming group has made it available to users for free.

With this calculator, you can easily and in a classic environment, do your calculations with high speed, and if you want, you can customize the interface according to your taste from the colors of red, green, blue and purple. !

Some features, capabilities and features of Android Solo Scientific Calculator:

* Having a general history section to display accounts

* Ability to convert different units

* Percentage support for% related operations

* Supports trigonometric functions – radians, degrees and slopes – including hyperbolic functions

* Ability to perform fractional and decimal calculations

* Ability to use the program in both horizontal and vertical modes

* Ability to convert area, distance, volume, weight, density, speed, pressure, energy, power, frequency, etc.

* Support and having all the basic math functions

* Customizable user interface with various tasks including changing the color of the application environment

* Having different functions such as medals, random number , permutation and so on

* Having different scientific, engineering and fixed-point modes

If you are looking for a simple and fast calculator for your Android phone , try the compact and compact calculator like Solo Scientific Calculator ! You can download the latest version of this software for free with a direct link from Usroid…

 Changes in version v1.1.3:

* Troubleshoot and improve performance


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