TomTom Navigation v3.2.12 Tom Tom Navigation Android,
the original and complete version of the program        

Smartphones have improved many aspects of our lives and made many things easier. One of these tasks is routing. In the past, when there were no smartphones, we had to use maps, compasses and similar tools to navigate. These tools were less accurate and their use required a great deal of knowledge and experience. But now, thanks to the GPS system, you can easily find and travel anywhere in the world using smartphones. Fortunately, there are very good routing programs for Android, many of which we have introduced at your service in Usroid so far, today we are at your service with another routing program. TomTom NavigationIs a map and routing application for Android operating system, developed by TomTom International BV and published for free on Google Play. With this program, you can navigate online or offline. In offline mode you will only have access to maps, but in online mode you will also have access to several features such as speed camera, traffic and و. Maps of more than 150 countries can be downloaded and used offline in this program. All maps are updated regularly to keep up with the latest geographical changes. You can find the required places like restaurant, gas station and پ anywhere with the push of a button. This information can be used with offline maps and does not require the Internet.

Some features and capabilities of TomTom Navigation Android application :

  • Has offline maps of more than 150 countries with weekly updates
  • Get route traffic instantly and online and calculate a better route with less traffic
  • Alert when approaching the speed control camera
  • Share arrival time and route with others
  • View required locations such as restaurants, gas stations and… in all locations, even offline
  • Without any ads
  • Apply the latest changes to the maps continuously
  • Ability to connect the phone to the car display using SDL connection for better navigation while driving

App TomTom Navigation app for Android is a complete, powerful and easy to navigate accurately with the consent of Android users could Score 4.2 from 5.0 from Google users receive. Now you can download the original and complete version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v3.2.12 changes : 

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


TomTom Navigation