Upload Edit Photos & Documents v2.0 – Android Upload Center application!
Purchased version for $ 3.0

When you download some files, you must have noticed that you are transferred to a new site and receive the file from an auxiliary server or another so-called upload center. These auxiliary servers provide two types of public and private space for their users that the user can access all his files at any time by visiting his account. Upload Edit Photos & Documents as a mobile upload center in the form of an Android applicationDeveloped and published by UploadEdit & YollaYap. Using this software, you can send your files to Internet servers without any problems and perform all kinds of operations on them. Get a dedicated link to each file and easily share it with anyone. Transfer images and easily edit them on web platforms! Or, after uploading your text files, run them and make all kinds of text edits. If you are looking for a mobile upload center, do not miss this versatile application and stay tuned for more.

Some features and capabilities of Upload Edit Photos & Documents Android app:

  • Upload a variety of images in various formats up to 10 MB in size
  • Upload text types such as pdf, txt, word
  • Apply a variety of graphic and editing effects to your images
  • Receive QR barcodes for each uploaded file
  • Send links to uploaded files on servers
  • Delete files automatically thirty days after upload
  • High security of servers to protect users’ files
  • Easy to use without any complexity

Upload Edit Photos & Documents app has been released in the Google Play Android Market for $ 3.0 due to its capabilities and has received a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 by users, who can now download the latest version of this upload server. Download for free from Usroid site.

Changes in version v2.0:

* Fixed application problems + various optimizations.