3D map with ski, hike and bike tours – GPS Navi v0.1.9.210208 – 3D mountaineering maps application for Android.
Shared version of the program worth $ 37.99.

3D map with ski, hike and bike tours – GPS Navi is a 3D mountaineering maps application developed by 3D RealityMaps and published on Google Play. Mountaineering, along with all its thrills and attractions, has dangers that may threaten climbers at any time and place. However, mountaineering enthusiasts are always trying to minimize these risks by increasing safety equipment. Simultaneously with the growth of security tools and equipment, we are witnessing the expansion of software in different operating systems; Startups that help mountaineering enthusiasts choose their route without any special worries and experience a tremendous climb. This issue has caused us to decide to introduce a unique and perfect software in this post. 3D map software with ski, hike and bike tours – GPS Navi is one of the best tools available for mountaineering enthusiasts. The above startup, by providing users with access to 3D topographic maps, allows you to see the dangers of the route before any climb and choose the best ways to reach the summit. The maps in this smart navigation system are divided into two types, winter and summer, the use of each of which depends only on you and your needs. After selecting your desired peak and starting the walk to reach the destination, your entire route will be saved and information such as distance traveled, time, average speed and خواهد will be displayed. In case of any problems, share your route with your friends with just one hint and you can be sure that you will be saved. In addition to special 3D maps for mountaineering enthusiasts, cyclists and hockey enthusiasts can also find the best possible routes and gain a new experience.

Some features and capabilities of 3D map with ski, hike and bike tours – GPS Navi Android:

  • Access to 3D maps for mountaineering, hockey and cycling enthusiasts
  • Topographic 3D view to view the entire route with its challenges
  • Provide maps in two modes: summer maps and winter maps
  • Create your own route and share it with your friends
  • Provide information on more than 5,000 different routes to gain a new experience

Application 3D map with ski, hike and bike tours – GPS Navi with the benefit of its special features and capabilities by its developer for free with payment within the network $ 37.99 has been developed and received a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by users You can now download the latest shared version of it without any restrictions from Usroid website.


3D map with ski, hike and bike tours - GPS Navi