As you know, 4shared is a free web hosting service that dates back to 2005. With more than 11 million visitors during the day, this site is the best file upload and sharing service in the world, which is ranked 100th among the sites in the world. The founders of this service are Alex Lunkov and Sergey Chudnovsky. At 4Share site, you can upload your files and use other features after joining. This service, which consists of 4 main sections of video, music, books and photos, allows users to upload and share your files in each section. The 4shared service has designed its official program called 4shared for devices with Android operating system so that the users of this service can easily access it as much as possible and easily upload and manage their shared files. Also, the powerful search section of this program allows you to search among the 30 million files uploaded on this site and provide you with the result with information such as upload time, file size and file type.




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