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Perhaps the best and fastest way to achieve complete recovery during illness is to take timely medication prescribed by a doctor, which helps the body maintain its readiness and does not become weaker. But sometimes we forget the time of taking our medicine or we do not even take it several times! One of the best ways to take your pills and pills on time is to use special reminder software. Alarm and pill reminder Ad-Free is a smart alarm and pill reminder used by caiocrol for Android devices.Developed and published in the Google Play Market. Just install the Alarm and pill reminder app on your tablet or phone so you never forget to take your pills again. Thanks to the repeat function included in this application, there is no need to reset the information daily for drug reminders, and you only need to set the clock once and for all at the set time. As we mentioned at the beginning of the description, in addition to a drug reminder system, this smart app also uses a feature-packed alarm clock, which increases the attractiveness of using it.

Some features and capabilities of Alarm and pill reminder Android app:

  • Smart and advanced alarms
  • Timely medication reminder system
  • Support for repeat function to prevent daily program adjustment
  • Create public reminders
  • Insert title for all created reminders
  • Create short notes
  • Color systems to display alarm mode
  • Back up all program information

Applications Alarm and pill reminder relying on a set of features ultra able to thousands of Active Score 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, Google gained which can now use the newest version without ads from the website Usroid downloaded version Free ads on Google Play and markets have ads, but our version does not have ads!


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