Aline Icon Pack – linear icons v2.7.3 – Colorful and beautiful linear icon pack application for Android,
purchased and complete version of the program for $ 2.49

Android operating system is one of the best and most complete operating systems in the field of user interface changes. Android users can make any changes to the UI without any restrictions and adjust it to their liking. There are various tools and methods to make such changes on a large scale, one of the best of which is the use of icon packs. Icon packs help you quickly change screen icons and change the user interface. Usroid website with an experienced team always tries to provide you with the best of these packages, but in this post we want to introduce one of the most special ones. Aline Icon Pack – linear iconsThe title is a colorful and beautiful linear icon pack developed by One4Studio and published on Google Play. This software has huge differences with other icon packs due to its feature set; Among these differences, we can mention the design of the icons, so that all of them are in the form of colored lines that have a very good quality. If we want to describe the symbols of this package in a more specialized way, it can be considered as the most suitable icons for OLED screens, which in addition to increasing the beauty of these screens, help to significantly reduce battery consumption. . Along with the icons, several custom wallpapers will be provided to you by the development team, which are highly compatible with these icons. If you use multiple folders to categorize your startups; There are several different icons available to you that are designed specifically for these folders.

Some features and capabilities of Aline Icon Pack – linear icons Android:

  • Access to a set of colorful linear icons
  • Use the best colors in the icons
  • Before a thousand different icons for different applications
  • Dozens of icons for using folders
  • Google Calendar Dynamics Icons
  • More than 10 custom wallpapers to fit the icons
  • Option to search among the symbols and choose the best one
  • Support for the most popular Android launchers

Application Aline Icon Pack – linear icons to benefit from the facilities and quality icons him, by their developer with $ 2.49 in Google Play releases and rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by users receive, which can now Get the latest purchased version from the direct and high-speed links of Usroid website .


Aline Icon Pack - linear icons