Alpha Cleaner – Phone Booster Mod 1.4.9 – Android phone optimization and speed increase application
The full mod version of the app is worth $6.99

One of the problems that Android users sometimes face is a lack of storage space and slow execution of commands. These problems can have multiple reasons, with the main one being weak hardware resources, but there is always a solution to fix the problems! Alpha Cleaner – Phone Booster is an optimization and speed increasing application for Android phones that has been developed by LiuZho Soft and released on Google Play. This app is a suitable option for those who have phones with ordinary hardware. The app consists of several diverse tools, each of which helps improve the speed of your device and execute commands faster. One of the main features is the identification of additional files, or so-called junk files. Junk files are files that occupy storage space and have no use! With this practical app, you can identify all extra files in the internal memory in just a few seconds and delete them with a single touch forever. Another feature is the prevention of excessive battery consumption. In Android phones, several apps always remain running in the background; although the intelligent system and Linux kernel of Android detect and stop them after a while, the duration of this stop may be slightly long. Therefore, Alpha Cleaner – Phone Booster with its battery saver feature quickly identifies unused background apps and allows you to stop them. This feature will help prevent excessive battery consumption and significantly increase its lifespan. Stopping background apps also frees up RAM and prevents your apps from crashing. To increase the speed of your Android smartphone, simply touch the Boost option on the home screen or dashboard of the app so that your phone can be in the fastest state possible in the shortest possible time.

Some features and capabilities of Alpha Cleaner – Phone Booster Android app:

  • Boost the speed of your Android smartphone with just one tap and without going through complicated steps!
  • An option to save battery usage and increase its lifespan
  • CPU cooler while using heavy apps and games
  • Quick and easy identification of junk files and their removal with just one tap
  • An option to view all hardware and software information of your Android phone

The Alpha Cleaner – Phone Booster application, with its special features and capabilities, has been released by its developer for free along with in-app purchases for 6.99. It has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from users, and you can now download the latest mod version with access to all features from the Usroid website.


Alpha Cleaner - Phone Booster