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Everyone does different activities every day that take up a certain amount of time. One of the main secrets of successful people is to monitor this time; They try to use their time in the best possible way and never let their time be wasted. The first step to having a successful planning is time monitoring, which Android startups have made such activities much easier. aTimeLogger – Time Tracker FullIt is an Android activity and time tracker application developed by BGCI and published on Google Play. By providing a set of various tools, this software helps its users to easily monitor all their activities and know how much time each of them has spent. اند. Group your activities and choose a goal for each of them so that in addition to trying to achieve your goals, you will never lose motivation. Perform several activities simultaneously and make sure that all information is recorded without any errors. Other features and strengths of this startup include the statistics shown by it, which helps to eliminate any flaws in your planning.

Some features and capabilities of the aTimeLogger – Time Tracker Android application:

  • Identify activities and goals to succeed in a short time
  • Record information about each of your activities without any errors
  • Pause and resume recording time for daily activities
  • Categorize activities into different groups
  • Automatic time tracking with Tasker or Locale
  • Display a set of information in the form of various charts
  • Lots of icons for a variety of activities
  • Support for Android wearable gadgets

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aTimeLogger - Time Tracker Full