Aura Icon Pack – Rounded Square Icons v7.2.8 – Android Aura Icon Pack
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Icons are one of the most essential elements in software design and have been widely used in user interfaces for years. When creating the first user interfaces for computers, icons were created as a replacement for text and to make software usage easier. Each icon was designed to represent the functionality of the corresponding option. Gradually, icons became a fundamental element in software design and are now used in all software. In smartphones, we can see icons abundantly. In fact, the reason for the simplicity of using smartphones is their extensive use of icons. The Android user interface was created to simplify access to apps. Therefore, in different parts of it, such as the home screen, notification panel, and app menu, we can see app icons. Due to this extensive use of icons, changing icons can cause extensive changes in the Android user interface. To change icons, we need an icon pack and a launcher. Launchers are programs that can make significant changes to the Android home screen. Icon packs are also programs that include a large number of alternative icons for Android apps and games, many of which we have introduced to you on Usroid. Today, we are also introducing another beautiful icon pack to you. Aura Icon Pack – Rounded Square Icons is a beautiful icon pack with icons similar to iOS icons, specifically designed for the Android operating system and developed by Creative Studio 14, which is available for free on Google Play. All icons in this program have a square shape with rounded corners, making them very similar to iOS icons. There are more than 1500 icons in this collection, which are regularly added to. In addition, 6 kwgt widgets are also included in the program, which will help enhance the user interface’s beauty even more.

Some features and capabilities of the Aura Icon Pack – Rounded Square Icons Android app:

  • Featuring over 1500 square-shaped icons with rounded corners
  • Inspired by iOS icons
  • More icons added with each update
  • Includes 6 kwgt widgets
  • Comes with a collection of matching wallpapers
  • Ability to search and preview icons
  • Supports dynamic calendar icons
  • Compatible with most Android launchers

The Note Text Player (Read aloud) app has a beautiful icon pack with eye-catching designs and high resolution. It has received a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from Android users on Google Play. You can now download the paid version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Aura Icon Pack - Rounded Square Icons