We are all familiar with Bank Melli Iran; A bank that has a history of serving the people of Iran for more than a few decades and its credibility is increasing day by day among the people of the society. In order to make its services as easy as possible, this bank has been able to reduce any visits to the bank by increasing the means of communication and to offer you everything at any time! One of the best measures of Bank Melli in order to simplify the services is to publish the mobile phone of its official bank, in which we intend to introduce its latest update. Bank Melli – with Bank Melli, the title of the Android version of the Mobile Bank applicationMelli Iran is developed by Bank Melli and provided to customers. One of the best features of this software is the categorization of services and facilities that meet a wide range of your needs and act as if you have access to a bank counter in your home. Card services, check services, account services are just some of the endless features of Mobile Bank Melli that attract everyone. Note that the set of features and capabilities of this software is not included in the form of short texts, and to be informed of them, it is better to follow us in the following.

Some features and capabilities of Bank Melli Android application:

  • Receive invoice or account balance
  • Ability to select funds in different modes
  • Receive facility information and how to pay installments
  • Ability to pay bills
  • Buy charge cards from different mobile operators
  • Receive card balances with a single hint
  • Card to card transfer
  • See the last ten rounds of your card
  • List of accounts connected to the card
  • Ability to block the card with one touch
  • View recharges purchased on a date
  • Find the branches you need with complete information
  • View the due date of checks
  • Inquiry check
  • Transfer check information to current mobile number
  • Update account information
  • Night calculation
  • Transfer account information to the current SIM card
  • Simple and very easy user interface

Application Bank Melli – Mobile Bank Melli Iran having a set of features and capabilities that variety has been able to trust users to draw upon millions of downloads to allocate to now be the newest release it from the website Usroid get ; Our version is exactly the version provided by Bank Melli to Iranian users and you can always get the latest update with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.

Changes in version v3.3.1.91:

* Product redesign based on design thinking and changes according to user feedback
* Automatic placement of SMS related to the app without the need to access all mobile SMS
* Ability to automatically detect commonly used transactions and add to the main menu to easily select the destination account
* Quick access to the contact book; Ability to edit and register selected contacts to speed up the transaction
* Support for dark and light themes
* Reduce steps; To facilitate the use and expedite banking
* Add intelligence in all banking and finance based on the analysis of customer behavior with the roof
* Use the latest standards and methods of encryption and data ambiguity to maintain the security of user information at the highest level