Battery Saver Pro (New 2018) v1.2 – Powerful Android Battery Saving App
Exclusive version for Usroid with access to all features and no ads

One of the problems that Android smartphone users always face is energy storage and rapid battery discharge; rapid battery consumption in these smart devices has major reasons, including the large display and background applications. Various solutions have been offered so far to store more battery power, and one of the most accessible and useful tools is battery saving apps. Dozens of the best ones have been introduced before, and we intend to introduce one of the best and newest ones. Battery Saver Pro (New 2018) is one of the newest apps in 2018 for saving and optimizing battery consumption (reducing battery consumption) on Android, developed by Vitico Softvn and released on the Google Play Store. This app helps users significantly reduce battery consumption and increase battery life through very simple and intelligent processes. There are three different modes for charging smartphones in Battery Saver Pro, which you can use according to your needs and conditions. Monitor your battery consumption at any moment and know the health of your battery!

Some of the features and capabilities of the Battery Saver Pro (New 2018) Android app:

  • Battery booster and fast charging in three different modes
  • Up to 30% faster charging speed for smartphones than normal mode
  • Saving energy and professional battery protection
  • Monitoring voltage, battery health, temperature, and …
  • Professional consumption monitoring
  • List of high-consumption programs
  • Optimizing all running programs with just one touch
  • Advanced settings mode for personalizing the optimization process

The Battery Saver Pro (New 2018) app has been able to receive a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users with over ten thousand downloads, making it one of the top Android apps for battery saving. You can now download the exclusive latest version of it from the reputable website Usroid. In our version, all features are available and there are no ads.


Battery Saver Pro (New 2018)