[Bluetooth Device Locator Finder v1.4 [Premium – The application for locating gadgets Bluetooth Android
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One of the most important factors that has increased the popularity of the Android operating system is the peripherals that companies make for it. These devices, which are called gadgets, increase the available capabilities by connecting to a smartphone and try to make the most of the user’s smart device. It is sometimes observed that due to the size of these gadgets we lose them and do not know where we put them at home or at work. That’s why a popular company has come up with a creative program. Bluetooth Device Locator Finder PremiumIs the title of an application to find the location of Bluetooth gadgets developed by JVR Developers for Android and published on Google Play. This software with a simple design helps you to easily find all your smart devices. The work system of this startup is such that it connects to your Bluetooth gadgets and when you approach them, the existing chart improves! This chart changes as you move so that you are immediately aware of its presence as you approach it. The most important gadgets supported by this program include headphones, health bracelets, smart watches and..

Some features and capabilities of Bluetooth Device Locator Finder Android app:

  • Find the location of Bluetooth gadgets in a short time
  • Stable connection until lost gadgets are found
  • An understandable and simple diagram for the most novice users
  • Support for a variety of gadgets such as health bracelets, smart watches and…
  • Very simple and easy user interface without complicated options

Application Bluetooth Device Locator Finder with the benefit of an outstanding capability by Developer her for free with in-network $ 1.99 on Google Play has been released, can now Premium service from the server for high-speed Web Usroid Receive. In our version all the features of the program are available for free.

Version v1.4 changes:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


Bluetooth Device Locator Finder Premium