[Bookmark Folder v5.2.14 [Unlocked] – Easy Bookmarks Manager Android App
The unlocked and complete version of the app without any limitations

One of the features available in Android browsers is the bookmark function. This feature helps you mark your favorite websites or pages so that you can access them quickly without any delay. However, it is important to note that these bookmarks may be deleted when clearing browser data. Sometimes these websites are of great importance to us and if they are deleted, we may not be able to find them again. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to an amazing app called Bookmark Folder Premium, which is a user-friendly bookmark manager developed by Tossy and available on Google Play for Android. One of the most important features of this app is that it is not affected by clearing browser data. All specified websites are stored in a separate and dedicated memory, so there will never be any problems with them. The next feature that the developer of this startup has focused on is the categorization of these bookmarks. Like default browser mode, specified websites are not cluttered and you can keep them in separate folders based on specific categories. The customization feature helps you use a specific browser by touching each bookmark, which is unique in its own way.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Bookmark Folder Android app:

  • Simple and intelligent management of bookmarks
  • Prevention of accidental deletion of your favorite websites without any restrictions
  • Organizing bookmarks based on your specific categories of interest
  • No restrictions on creating folders
  • Running different browsers separately with each bookmark
  • Viewing the list of bookmarks in grid format
  • Creating a backup file of all your selected websites
  • Possibility of importing bookmark lists in Windows browsers

The Bookmark Folder app has attracted more than 100,000 downloads by utilizing a special and remarkable feature, and now you can download its latest unlocked version without any restrictions from the popular and high-traffic website Usroid. This program was introduced at the request of many of you dear users, and its latest update is now available to you.


Bookmark Folder Premium