Caelus: linear icon pack v4.9.1 – Colorful and attractive linear icon pack Android app
Purchased and complete version worth $1.99

With a simple look and review of the operating systems released worldwide, you will notice that development teams always provide tools to create environmental changes for their users. Among them, Android can be considered one of the most successful, introducing thousands of special apps for interface customization. One of the best of these tools is icon packs, which you can access hundreds of different titles by visiting the Android market. However, you should know that not all of these collections have desirable quality or are sold at very high prices. Caelus: linear icon pack is the title of a colorful and attractive linear icon pack developed by Creative Studio 14 and published on Google Play. Just install this software and have access to a special collection of various icons. As we also mentioned in the post title, one of the reasons for the popularity of this startup is its linear designs that are clearly visible in all the icons. Developers have tried to use the utmost quality in designs and use extremely dynamic colors to multiply the beauty of the display again. Use the search option to review the icons one by one and select the best ones. Finally, it should be noted that in addition to icons, dozens of wallpapers are also provided based on cloud servers, which doubles the beauty of the selected icons.

Some of the features and capabilities of Caelus: linear icon pack for Android:

  • Access to a collection of dynamic colored linear icons
  • Extraordinary quality of icons to enhance display beauty
  • A collection of exclusive cloud-based wallpapers
  • Request for designing icons for desired applications
  • Support for various launchers for an unlimited experience
  • An option to search among available icons

The Caelus: linear icon pack application, with its various features and capabilities, has been released by its developer at a price of $1.99 on Google Play and has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from users, and now you can purchase its latest version from the popular website Usroid.


Caelus Icon Pack - Colorful Linear Icons