Call Recorder – ACR Premium v35.0 – An Excellent App for Recording Calls and Conversations Specifically for Android
The Premium, PRO, and Unlocked Version with All Features is Presented to You

Call Recorder – ACR Pro is a powerful, popular, and free software for recording incoming and outgoing phone calls specifically designed for Android operating system. With this app on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can automatically save your calls! With this program, it doesn’t matter if you are the recipient of the call or someone else, you can record all the calls you make and receive and save them in the memory of your Android device! This app has an excellent user interface and a very beautiful and user-friendly design, and also allows users to customize many settings for a better and more practical experience of the best call recording application on your phone! Surely, it has happened or will happen to you that you need to save the conversations exchanged between you and someone else for a work-related matter. Different software has been introduced in this regard, all of which have been among the best, but the extraordinary Call Recorder – ACR software, whose PRO version is in front of you, is considered the best and most practical call recording software for Android by users and downloaders!

Some features and capabilities of the Call Recorder – ACR Android application:

  • Having a powerful search function to find stored conversations
  • Possibility of grouping and listing recorded calls based on date
  • Possibility of automatically sending stored conversations to the user’s email
  • Possibility of automatically deleting old recorded calls
  • Possibility of encrypting recorded calls to prevent access by others
  • Having two different modes of recording conversations for automatic and manual recording
  • Possibility of marking a recorded call as important to prevent automatic deletion
  • Possibility of blocking numbers by the user to prevent recording of conversations
  • Having functions integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive, delayed start, recording in various formats,

The Call Recorder – ACR app with thousands of downloads is one of the top Android apps and has a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0. The free version has been downloaded more than 500 million times by Android users worldwide from Google Play, and today we provide you with the latest version of it, which is full and unlocked on Usroid and you can download it with just one click…


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