CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder v8.0 – CallMaster: Professional Android Call Blocker and Recorder
Premium and unlocked version with all features available

CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder is a professional app for call management in the field of call blocking and recording from Glad Apps Technology for Android, which is offered for free with in-app purchases on Google Play and now the paid and complete version with all free and premium features is available to you. The CallMaster app has various features, including call recording, spam call blocker, call identifier, and filter. The CallMaster app blocks spam calls and suspicious calls such as fraud, automatic and advertising calls received by robots. This app also records calls so you can easily record all your calls if needed. The word spam includes any type of unwanted communication. Typically, this type of communication is used for advertising. For example, a series of individuals or companies simultaneously call a large number of people and offer a specific type of advertising. In most cases, these calls are marked as spam risk. Most people have experienced annoying advertising and unwanted calls that disrupt their lives. Spam calls are similar to spam emails and both are considered unwanted communication. Spam calls and messages are sent without prior request and in large volumes. In such calls, a robot automatically plays a predetermined voice message that contains advertising content. If your service provider lists a number as a robotic call or spam risk, that number will be displayed with spam distribution. If you think a number is spam, you can mark it directly or with a series of apps. Service providers for calls and apps like CallMaster use a series of complex algorithms to evaluate call patterns and ultimately identify spam calls. Fraudulent calls are also a type of unwanted call in which a person or company makes a negative call. There are various types of these calls, but their main goal is to force the call recipient to disclose their sensitive information or send money! With CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder, say goodbye to all these annoyances and dangers!

Some features and capabilities of CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder Android app:

  • Spam call blocker
  • Simple recorder for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call filter
  • Block unidentified calls
  • Block spam, advertising, and robotic calls
  • Filter calls based on your device’s blacklist
  • Identify call IDs

With CallMaster: Blocker & Recorder, you can easily record all your calls and also block spam calls, phone numbers, and your contacts list. Please note that recording phone calls may violate privacy laws, and users of the app are responsible for complying with laws and regulations regarding recording calls without consent, and it may not be available for some phone models. We, at Usroid, as the most up-to-date Android reference in Iran, offer the latest unlocked version of this app for free download, which you can get with just one click.