Callyzer – Analysis Call Data v2.0.9.1 – Complete Call Information Analysis Android Application
Ad-free version and complete program offered to you, dear ones

One of the main features and capabilities of Android smartphones is making calls. With each call, specific information is stored on our smart device that we don’t pay much attention to. This information can be important in some cases, and monitoring its details can help solve some of our problems. By default, the Android operating system does not provide special features in this regard, so we need to use third-party tools to collect such statistics. We have tried to provide you with the best of these tools so far, and Callyzer – Analysis Call Data is an application that provides a complete analysis of call information developed by Webs Optimization Software Solution and published on Google Play. Just install this startup and never worry about collecting your call information again! After installation, any information is saved and stored in the database when the user receives or makes a call so that we can analyze it if needed. One of the most important features of this startup is providing stored statistics based on specific categories, which makes the search process much easier for users. At any time, you can access information about the shortest or longest call or identify the contact with whom you had the most calls. As we mentioned, there are several diverse filters available to search and access statistics, which limit the displayed results. In addition to the main feature of Callyzer that we mentioned, a dialer is embedded in this application that helps you make the fewest mistakes when getting numbers or making calls to your contacts!

Some features and capabilities of the Callyzer – Analysis Call Data Android app:

  • Storing all received and dialed contact information
  • Backing up and restoring backup versions without any limitations
  • Optimizing information for a summary display of contacts
  • Accurate analysis of call data in the form of charts
  • Exporting call information in Excel or CSV format
  • Easy access to the list of contacts
  • Smart dialer and list of contacts
  • Limiting program results using filters

The Callyzer – Analysis Call Data application, with its various capabilities and features, has been released for free on Google Play by its developer and has earned a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download the latest ad-free version from the Usroid website.


Callyzer - Analysis Call Data