Car Diagnostic Pro (OBD2 Enhanced) v6.67 Car Diag with Mobile Phone Unlocked and Full App       

Today’s cars, in addition to power, speed and safety in debugging, are very different from the old cars. In the past, when a car had a problem, you had to take it to a repair shop so that the repairman could identify and fix the problem in the car by examining all the parts. In today’s cars, the situation is completely different. There are a variety of electronic devices and sensors in the car that detect the slightest problem and notify the central system. The car’s central system is responsible for controlling the sensors and changing vehicle conditions based on the data received. In addition, the car’s central system can be connected to the computer using the OBD interface and the problems and defects in the car can be seen on the special software. Using an Elm 327 or STN Bluetooth interface, you can wirelessly connect the phone to the car’s central system and identify its flaws without the need for a computer. To do this, you need a special program that we are at your service today.Car Diagnostic Pro (OBD2 Enhanced) is a wireless car troubleshooting app for Android, developed by OBD Scantech and released for free on Google Play. It supports all vehicles that use OBD2, but provides more advanced data on GM, Ford, Toyota, KIA and Nissan vehicles. If the engine check light comes on, or you notice a malfunction in the car’s performance, you can use this program to fully scan your car and be aware of the problem. This way, you can prevent further damage before the problem occurs. In addition, you can view the instantaneous status of the sensors and have instant and live monitoring on your car.

Some features and capabilities of Android Car Diagnostic Pro (OBD2 Enhanced) :

  • Display data parameters with 220 PIDS
  • Freeze frame data
  • Check for defects and errors in the car
  • Clear errors
  • Complete oxygen sensor test
  • Car pollution testing
  • Check for expected errors
  • Evap test activation
  • Wayne, ECU name, performance tracking data, CALID and so on
  • Check for saved errors
  • Simple and easy user interface

App Car Diagnostic Pro (OBD2 Enhanced) useful instrument for all drivers and vehicle owners who could, with the consent of Android users Score 3.8 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the unlocked version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Versions v6.67 : 

* Fixed problem with auto scan GM
* Fixed bugs and improve efficiency


Car Diagnostic Pro