Floating Apps (multitasking) v4.14 – Android Floating Applications
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One of the best features of Android smartphones is their multitasking capability, allowing you to easily run multiple apps and move them to the background without stopping them. If you are also one of the users who constantly switch between apps, then after a while you may get tired of minimizing them and looking for a way to keep all apps on your Android device screen at the same time. Floating Apps (multitasking) is a professional software for making apps float on Android or in other words, using them simultaneously, developed and published by LWi s.r.o. on the Play Store. With the help of the Floating Apps (multitasking) app, you won’t have this problem and you can easily access all of them on one page while keeping multiple apps active. Easily perform your calculations with a calculator and add your essential notes to your Android device notebook without closing it. All you need is to touch an option to add your app to the floating app list or easily stop it as much as possible.

Some features and capabilities of the Floating Apps (multitasking) Android application:

  • Floating active programs on the screen of an Android device
  • Simple and easy management of multiple programs without sudden interruptions in the background
  • Access to floating programs and menus at any time and place
  • Movement of floating programs on any part of the screen
  • Ability to resize the existing floating screen as desired
  • Ability to control the transparency of floating menus
  • Access to floating programs with one touch through the quick launch icon

The Floating Apps (multitasking) application has been able to receive an 4.1 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users as one of the best applications available for managing multiple programs simultaneously, and you can now purchase the latest version completely free of charge from the Usroid website.


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