Carly v48.72 Unlocked – View full car information on Android
Unlocked version of the app worth $118.99

Modern cars are no longer purely mechanical machines of the past, and are increasingly equipped with advanced electronic components. Thousands of different electronic chips can now be found in them. The goal of equipping cars with electronic features is to reduce driver effort in driving and to increase the safety and stability of the vehicle. Many modern cars have an internal system that controls sensors and various parts of the vehicle, and by connecting it to a computer, potential faults in the car can be easily identified and fixed. With the increasing power of smartphones and their processing capabilities, tools have been developed that can connect the smartphone to the car and diagnose and monitor the status of the vehicle. The Universal Carly adapter is one of these tools, which is compatible with many modern cars and comes with a lifetime warranty. To connect to this adapter using a smartphone, we need a special application, which we are providing today with this program on Usroid.

Carly is an application for checking the status of the car and its potential faults on a smartphone, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Carly Solutions GmbH & Co KG software group and freely available on Google Play. This program reveals the hidden world of your car and displays its technical information in a simple and understandable way for everyone, even for beginners. By using this program, you can detect faults and problems in your car before they become visible, and by doing so, you can take action to repair your car before the problem becomes severe and save significant costs. Some car manufacturers lock certain features of the car for various reasons. With this program, you can activate or change these features and build your desired car. By installing this program permanently on your car, you can monitor information such as fuel emissions, battery status, remaining oil change, fuel level, and so on, on your Android device with ease. If you want to buy a used car and are concerned about tampering with its mileage, you can use this program to view the actual mileage of the car.

Some features and capabilities of Carly Android:

  • Display complete information about the vehicle’s status and defects
  • Change the vehicle’s features and unlock locked parts by the manufacturer
  • Make car repairs and maintenance simple and cost-effective
  • Show the actual mileage of the vehicle

The Carly application displays the real-time status of your car in a graphic and simple way, keeping you informed about your vehicle’s condition at all times. This app has received a 4.1 out of 5.0 rating from Android users on Google Play. You can now download the full and unrestricted version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


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