Cavion – Icon Pack v2.1 – Colorful and attractive “Icon Pack” application for Android device,
purchased and complete version for $ 1.49 for the first time on Persian language sites

One of the main and superior differences of Android compared to other operating systems is its high personalization ability. Android users can change whatever the screen shows and adjust to their liking. So far, various UI personalization software have been released, each of which affects a specific element in some way. On average, we all turn on our smartphone screen dozens of times and go to the list of applications; In this case, the two options of wallpaper and icons are very visible! So considering this issue, one of the best ways to make graphic changes in the display is to change the wallpaper and icons. Cavion – Icon PackThe title of the colorful and attractive icon pack “Kavan” is for Android, which was developed by LKN9X and published on Google Play. In this software, which is also known as the hole pack icon, you have access to more than 1500 different icons, which you can select and approve according to your needs and tastes. As it is clear in the title of the post, one of the main reasons for the popularity of this software is its colorful and quality icons. The development team has tried to use its maximum ability and in addition to high quality, use dynamic colors. Unlike other similar tools, several wallpapers are embedded in the heart of this app, which are highly compatible with the available icons. In this application, not only for installed software but also for system tools, icons have been designed that double the pleasure of personalizing the screen.

Some features and capabilities of Cavion – Icon Pack Android app:

  • More than 1500 beautiful and diverse icons
  • Very high quality icons with attractive and dynamic colors
  • Dynamic calendar icons
  • A set of custom wallpapers to fit the icons
  • A tool to request your favorite icon
  • Various icons for system applications
  • Supports a variety of popular and popular launchers
  • Regular updates at regular intervals

The Cavion – Icon Pack app has been released by its developer for $ 1.49 with various features and capabilities, and has been able to get a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Now you can download the latest version of this beautiful icon pack from the direct links of Usroid website .


Cavion - Icon Pack