Centi PRO – Currency Converter v7.0.2 – Android Currency Exchange Rate Conversion App
Paid Version – Purchased for $2.99

If you are planning to travel abroad, the exchange rates of different countries will be important to you. There are different methods for converting currencies, and one of the best and most accurate is using currency converter apps. Centi PRO – Currency Converter is an app developed by NikitaDev and published on Google Play. The first and best feature of this app that will catch anyone’s attention is the number of supported currencies. This app has over 170 different currencies, with constantly updated data, allowing you to convert currencies easily. All the currencies available in this app are separated in a special way, and you can view them based on the destination country, flag, symbol, and several other options. To convert currencies, simply select the primary and secondary currencies, and make sure to enter the correct amount for an accurate calculation. Another unique feature of Centi PRO – Currency Converter is its ability to work offline. While the accuracy may not be the same as when using it online, rest assured that your main needs will be met. Each time you use this app, all the data is saved in a database, so you can still access it even without an internet connection. Additionally, the intelligent system will automatically update the currency rates when connected to the internet. If you want to view the history of your desired currencies, the Centi PRO – Currency Converter app will show you a chart of past currency changes at any time. Furthermore, if you want to convert currencies without opening the app, you can use the provided widget for maximum convenience.

Some features and capabilities of the Centi PRO – Currency Converter app for Android:

  • Convert more than 170 different currencies to each other
  • A custom widget for using the app without the need to run it
  • Create custom currencies without any restrictions
  • Display currencies and differentiate them by displaying currency symbols, country flags, etc.
  • Access to a complete chart of the history of all displayed currencies
  • Possibility of using the app offline
  • Download data and run the app in the background without consuming a lot of battery and processor
  • Provide accurate statistics with the utmost precision
  • Copy the results of all calculations with just one tap

The Centi PRO – Currency Converter app, with the use of a variety of features and capabilities in the field of converting currency rates to each other, has been published by its developer for $2.99 and has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 by users. You can now download the latest purchased version of this startup app for free and without any cost from the direct and half-price links on the Usroid website.


Centi PRO