CHIC LIGHT Icon Pack 0.7 – Android’s Exclusive Light Icon Pack Application
Purchased version for $1.49

Having beautiful icons not only multiplies the attractiveness of the display several times, but also allows you to pay attention to other UI details and choose elements in a way that you have a unique display. Nowadays, choosing attractive and beautiful icons is a difficult task, which is why in this post we intend to introduce you to a flawless icon package. CHIC LIGHT Icon Pack is the title of the light version of the Chic icon pack [Dark environment + bright icons] for Android, which has been developed by LKN9X and published on Google Play. Like the dark version of this icon pack that we introduced in previous posts, in this version you also have access to a unique collection of shapeless icons. One of the main differences between this version and the dark version is the color of the icons, which the developer has tried to use the bright color in the best possible way. In this version, you also have access to more than 1600 various icons that support a wide range of popular apps and games. If some of your apps were not supported when activating this icon pack, there is no need to worry, as the developer has provided the ability to easily request your desired icon so that you can have a unique light icon in the next updates. In addition to the ability to request icon creation, the database of this package is constantly updated and you will see new and popular icons every week. One of the problems that users and enthusiasts of display customization sometimes face is the lack of support for icon packs in launchers. This is exactly what CHIC LIGHT Icon Pack turns into a special option! More than 20 popular and unique Android launchers are supported by this unique package, which can be considered one of its best features. If you are one of those who want to make the UI of your Android phone more special, it is better not to miss the custom-designed wallpapers by the development team and by selecting and activating them, you can see the beauty of these icons.

Some features and capabilities of CHIC LIGHT Icon Pack app for Android:

  • Access to a unique collection of beautiful icons with light-colored backgrounds
  • Over 1600 diverse icons that are constantly updated
  • An option to request the creation of your desired icon with just a click
  • Access to dozens of custom-designed background images by the developer
  • Regular updates on a weekly basis
  • Support for the best and most popular Android launchers

The CHIC LIGHT Icon Pack app, featuring icons with special designs by its developer, has been released for $1.49. Now you can get the latest purchased version of the app for free from the Usroid website and be one of the first users. Here, we offer the latest icon packs alongside useful applications for free and in full.