Tiny Scan Pro: PDF Scanner is a powerful and very interesting software for converting your Android smartphone or tablet to a document scanner, images, receipts and other texts that you can use anywhere and anytime. Make a scan of your documents and images and convert it to the usual PDF format and email it to your friends! Maybe you would also like to scan your photos professionally and very accurately and with high quality and save them on your mobile phone, or use them in different places and use large and low-usage devices. Don’t need a scanner! This applicationUsing sophisticated and professional algorithms defined in it, it quickly identifies the frames of the scanned pages and provides you with the scanned version with excellent HD quality! Not to mention that the Taiwanese Pro Scanner program supports three different types of black and white scanning modes, gray and color scales, each of which has high contrast and image resolution.

Some features and capabilities of Tiny Scan Pro: Android PDF Scanner:

  • Easy and fast build of PDF documents from scanned pages
  • Identify the structure and frame of automatically scanned pages
  • Ability to scan in three modes (color , gray and black and white)
  • Ability to easily manage and organize scanned documents and pages
  • Ability to download and share documents via Wi-Fi connection
  • Ability to quickly search through existing documents by name
  • Ability to save documents by password set by you
  • Ability to save or upload scanned documents to Dropbox and Over Note
  • Very simple and professional user interface with hand-held features
  • Ability to make changes to images to increase clarity and brightness
  • Possibility of preparing PDF output in different sizes of A4, B5, etc.
  • Ability to view scanned pages and images and select different layouts by date and time, respectively

Plan powerful scanner Tiny Scan Pro: PDF Scanner is now at the Play Store with a price of $ 4.99 is sold with 4.8 points of the 5.0 that we have today in Usroid latest version of it is completely free of charge’ve put And you can download it with one click, and as usual, the version ahead is the purchased and complete version of the program, which will be presented to you.


Tiny Scan Pro PDF Scanner